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Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on photoMENTORIS. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Rules

    1. The provisions established in the Terms of Service agreement applies to all Forums, Boards and User Groups accessed on photoMENTORIS.
    2. photoMENTORIS is a user moderated community with one goal, to further the education and enrichment of photographers around the world.
    3. This is a place where professionals and enthusiasts alike can come together with a singular goal in mind, to share ideas and experiences and better our skills as photographers. photoMENTORIS is a place where it is not uncommon for the teacher to still be the student.
  2. Profile Information

    We at photoMENTORIS understand the need for online anonymity but we also strive for more personal interaction among members. While we don't require the posting of personal information we do ask you provide a few minimal items so discussions in the forums can be catered to you. If you are a working pro, having real world information only helps in promoting your business.
    1. Names - Pseudonyms and nicknames are allowed for creating unique accounts but at least put your real first name in the signature line of your profile.
    2. Location - While we don't need to know exactly where you live, knowing what town, city or state and in what country you live is helpful as a frame of reference during conversations.
    3. Website - Not everyone has a personal web site but if you have a place online where you post your images, link to that so others can see the kind of work you do.
    4. Signature - A signature are a few personal lines attached to the end of a post. You can place your real name, a few words about yourself, your likes, your work, etc. SPAM or anything that goes against our Terms of Service is not allowed.
  3. Image Rights

    1. By posting an image on photoMENTORIS you are granting the Site the right to display that image, within the context and spirit of this forum, for the length of the life of the post in which the image resides.
    2. Your "Username", as created during your registration process, will serve as the only attribution photoMENTORIS is bound to apply to that image. Any additional attribution must be created by the posting member in the form of plain text within the post or additional information, either plain text or graphic, within the "Signature" section of the member's profile.
    3. No other rights are implied nor should they be taken as such. Images remain the creative property of the individual holding the copyright.
    4. DO NOT POST SOMEONE ELSE'S IMAGES and pass them off as your own. If a posted image is found to be plagiarized that image will be promptly removed and the offending poster will be dealt with accordingly.
  4. Posting Images

    1. The suggested image size for posting to photoMENTORIS is a maximum of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixel high in size.
    2. photoMENTORIS strongly suggests members 'deep link' images from a member controlled image hosting site such as Flickr, PhotoBucket or Picasa Web. This method allows members to retain complete control over their images.
    3. To insert an image from an outside source you will need the URL to that image. Make sure the URL ends with the imagename.jpg filename.
    4. Enclose the URL within the [img] BBcode tags. Click on the Image button in the editor to insert the BBcode.
    5. One exception to this rule would be in the Tutorials section. Please upload images for tutorials to our server in order to retain post integrity in the future.
  5. Forum Etiquette

    1. The rules of general fair play and professional conduct applies to all sections within photoMENTORIS.
    2. Inappropriate language, name calling, badgering and cleverly disguised insults toward other members of photoMENTORIS will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of your posting privileges.
    3. TROLLING in photoMENTORIS will not be tolerated and may result in suspension of your posting privileges.
    4. SPAMMING photoMENTORIS will result in a no notice ban of the username and IP address of the Spammer.
    5. Mutual respect for all our members is the general rule at photoMENTORIS. Be polite and constructive in all your postings and you will help this community grow and flourish.
  6. Image Critique Forum

    1. photoMENTORIS offers two forums for the general posting of images by topic; Image Showcase and Image Critique. If you do not want other members to critique your images it is suggested you post to the Image Showcase. The Image Critique section is specifically for requesting constructive criticism from other photoMENTORIS members.
    2. By nature, photography is a very personal endeavor. As such, suggestions offered during a critique are subject to be interpreted in any number of ways. Above all else, maintain courtesy.
    3. Take a few minutes to read, "How to Critique Photos" for a general guideline on critiquing.
    4. If offering a critique do not focus solely on the negative aspects of the image but also define the positives. If the image poster disagrees with your critique let it be. Do not insist that they publicly accept your suggestions.
    5. Different people learn at different rates. Not all members are ready for deep, image debilitating critiques so start out easy and, above all, be polite.
    6. Do not badger, overtly nit pick, insistently harass, name call or attribute negative opinions towards the original poster or unidentifiable "others".
    7. If you express an opinion be prepared to own it, if you can not own it do not express it.
  7. Buy, Sell, Trade Board

    1. The Buy, Sell, Trade board is offered as a service to photoMENTORIS members for the buying, selling and trading of tangible goods among its membership. Please do not abuse this privilege.
    2. Before posting please read "Basic Marketplace Rules" for complete understanding of the forum rules.
    3. The actual contract for the transfer of goods is solely between the seller and buyer. photoMENTORIS simply provides a platform for communicating between sellers and buyers (a service).
    4. photoMENTORIS, its owners, moderators or assigns can not be held liable for any personal member transactions arriving from the use of this service.
    5. By using this service you agree to hold photoMENTORIS, its owners, moderators and assigns harmless from any claims, damages, injuries or losses caused by your participation on this board, including, but not limited to, misrepresentation of services or goods posted, theft of monies or goods, damaged or stolen goods and anything relating to personal transactions between one photoMENTORIS member and another.
  8. Glamour Board

    1. The Glamour board allows the posting of nude, semi nude and implied nude photos up to "Playboy" style nudes.
    2. No pornography, sexual contact, actual or implied sexual acts, masturbation or "Hustler" style nudes. Spread-leg images or erect penises are also not allowed.
    3. No nude, semi nude or implied nudes of minors are allowed.
    4. Images must be model released and must be the creation of the person posting them.
    5. Members are responsible for all their own 18 U.S. Code § 2257 record keeping requirements.
  9. Teacher's Lounge Board

    1. The Teacher's Lounge is designed for photography instructors to meet and share techniques, ideas and solutions to issues relating to the education process of photography, in a safe place.
    2. Access is by invitation or request only. Send your request to Duck in a private message and include a link to your online teaching profile.
    3. Instructors must have a website or some form of online source promoting their workshops or meetups for verification.
    4. Once verified you will receive access to the Teacher's Lounge.
  10. Pro Photographer's Corner

    1. The Pro Photographer's Corner is designed for professional working photographers to meet and discuss the business of photography in a safe place.
    2. Access is by invitation or request only. Send your request to Duck in a private message and include a link to your pro website or profile. Association affiliations are a plus.
    3. Pros must have a website or listing on a professional association site for verification.
    4. Once verified you will receive access to the Pro Photographer's Corner.