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― Architecture ShowcaseOld or new?

Images of man-made structures; buildings, bridges, statues, roads and architectural elements like windows and doors, stairs, etc.
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Mentoris Sextus
Mentoris Sextus
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Re: Old or new?

Post by Didereaux »

Before we show you what's behind #3, Jay is bringing the tray down with a box. JAY WATCH OUT FOR THAT... Oooh Well you now know that the box had a dozen eggs in it. Do you want the broken eggs or stick with door #3?[/quote]

I am now preetty certain what is behind #3, so I will take the broken eggs. Afterall you only have to scramble them once, whereas you have to milk a dam goat everyday.[/quote]

Very good, while Jay is scraping your eggs off the floor let's open the door on #3 and see what you passed on. While you are partially correct that it is a "goat", you passed on a fully restored 1966 Pontiac GTO!

Better luck next time![/quote]

Remember the old PAyola bruhaha back in the 50's? I say this too was rigged! :x :x :x
There are no banal subjects in photography, but an infinite number of banal ways to illustrate them.

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Mentoris Alumnus
Mentoris Alumnus
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Post by tsilva »

Didereaux wrote:
Remember the old PAyola bruhaha back in the 50's? I say this too was rigged! :x :x :x

Can't prove it! :p :p :p
Tony Silva - Photography Enthusiast

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