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General DiscussionsIn Memoriam - Matt Quinn, Revisited Collection

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In Memoriam - Matt Quinn, Revisited Collection

Post by minniev » Thu Jan 17, 2019 10:06 pm

We all wonder what will become of our photos once we are gone. Some may live on forever on photo forums such as ours, slowly buried in time and topics. Others will live on as displays on walls of friends and family, or in photo books collected over time. I will always treasure the Matt Quinn image below, which is printed beautifully and hangs in my living room, the first of a collection of the art created by friends here. And I'll treasure the little book of Cape Cod images he made up just months ago.

Since Matt is heavily on my mind today, I thought I would start a thread to repost some of my favorites of his images that we've all enjoyed here. Some were images he re-edited with our feedback and got a result he liked better, others were originals. I'll add more and if there's a Matt image that stands out to you, please add it. Starting with the print, one of several variations on his beautiful Tiffany lamp. I think we can all agree that he had a way with shadows that was his signature look.

His was a beautiful spirit, and he will be missed.
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