It saddens me to forward the news that our good friend and fellow photographer, Matt Quinn, has passed.
As some of you may know, he had been battling cancer for a while and was on his way to recovery.
Please take a moment to remember him in your prayers.
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Classic background advice needed

Post by Duck » Mon Dec 31, 2018 7:33 am

I'm posting this as an open discussion rather than private messaging for this information as I feel others may find it useful.

I have a good dozen or so cloth backdrops but none of them have that classic "Old Masters" feel to it. I was thinking about purchasing one for more formal portraits but did not want to make the full investment without understanding what I needed and making an informed decision. So I am asking an open question to anyone with some experience.

I am looking to get the kind that looks like it could be a background from a Rembrandt painting, the kind that has a natural vignette painted in and uses several tones of paints to create the effect of a painted background. I was leaning towards a dark, rich, warm brown but someone mentioned that a green background shows off skin tones better. I have no practical experience in this, hence my hesitation in just getting a brown one. I was also looking at sizes. Most of my backdrops are large; 10' x 20' and a few 8' x 12' and a couple 5' x 7'. I was thinking a 5' x 7' would be good but, again, don't want to second guess myself on this. My go to sizes I use tend to be my 10' x 20's but only because I tend to shoot against either a white or black backgrounds. Most of my others have been donated to me by a photographer friend who was cleaning house and had some colors I would never have chosen for myself. :D

Any suggestion on brand would also be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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