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Open ChallengesCarlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

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Re: Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting

Post by PietFrancke »

minniev wrote:
Sun Nov 08, 2020 3:04 pm
Psjunkie wrote:
Sun Nov 08, 2020 3:10 am
Sounds to me like you need to use a check layer to help you see the light and dark or (luminosity) in the image rather than the color.....

of course if you would post the image we maybe could see what you are referring to.....Bahahahaha
WEll, yeah, the image might help. Or not! Glitch I've had since upgrading to Catalina OS: it does not automatically apend exported jpegs with the jpg or jpeg name, and without it, the image, even if it is a jpeg, will not upload on pM or on FB or my email. So I have to manually add it. Not sure about any other sites, may vary according to internal codes. Hopefully I can find a way to automate it.

And would ya tell me what a check layer is and how?
I like what you did - Look, Think, Record/Render, Look, Think. And I think your image is very cool - (Even if it is mostly yellow WARM!). Share with us how you felt during these different phases you went through. If this image is light/dark and warm/cool (at the same time no less!), what else is it?

Drawing the lights was cool - though perhaps exceedingly difficult if not impossible, so the lights are Abstract. But we have what the lights produce! A warm light and a cool light, And you have shown a subject and it's cast shadow, and how that shadow interacts with the subject and with light. And you have shaded the subject also in a very cool way. (loving those super bright white spots)... And from where they are, I can see and think that not only are we dealing with cast shadows, but that the chalice is glass - and if that is so, it is not just cast shadow that we see, but light streaming Through the object.

And I am wondering if we have two lights and two merged shadows (with the darkest spot in the middle), or a transparent subject that is also streaming its own colors back onto the shadowed areas, with it's own dimmer, but colorful light.

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