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― Transportation ShowcaseAlabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic

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Re: Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic

Post by Ceropegia » Wed Aug 12, 2015 11:34 pm

WesternGuy wrote:Martha, neat shots. This brings back memories of being at the Albuquerque Balloon Festival a few years ago and watching (and photographing) all the action. It was absolutely incredible to see all those balloons in one place. They also let folks out on the field at all times, so it was something to see everything up close and personal. Would be nice to see any more of your shots from this event, if you have them.


Thanks! Year before last, I had an opportunity to go to the Albuquerque festival and stay at a hotel that bordered the field, but passed on it. Then I discovered Alabama had an annual festival within 70 miles of my house so I made sure not to miss it. Will probably go again next year. This year the balloons were only able to fly on the first morning because conditions were too windy the rest of the weekend. But at least not so windy on the first day that they couldn't inflate the balloons in the evening for the glow show. The next morning was so windy the couple of balloons that inflated just for show were being so badly buffeted that they took them down after only a few minutes. Also missed the opportunity for a free tethered ride that day which I had been looking forward too. I do have many more shots and but way behind on my editing. Will try to post some more soon.

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