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READ FIRST: Posting studio info

Posted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 6:55 pm
by Duck
Listing your studio

When listing your studio make sure the post title mentions the country, state and region or town so other members can find you. Do Not list your post with your studio name. Your studio's name is irrelevant if someone does not reside in your area. As this section covers a large section of Europe you must mention the country first then state region by compass locations, or large metropolitan areas, ie;

  • England, London
  • Ireland, Dublin
  • France, Paris

Some areas are known to locals by a certain name, either colloquially or by region or county. Rather than list a specific town you can use a region, ie;

  • Temple region
  • Stella Garden area
  • Notre-Dame region

I.e.: Dublin, Ireland - Stella Gardens area

List relevant information

You don't need to write an extensive report but it should have all the basic info; address, hours, rates and, most definitely, a website address where members can gain additional information.

Update as needed

Don't just post it and forget it. If something changes in your studio make sure it gets changed in your listing. Phone numbers, emails, websites, rates... all these things change over time.