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People Critique'Fantasy Baseball Observation' (Composite)

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Re: 'Fantasy Baseball Observation' (Composite)

Post by davechinn »

minniev wrote:
Wed Apr 17, 2019 1:35 pm
davechinn wrote:
Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:50 pm
Here is an unfinished composite I started working on the other day. I stopped to gather some ideas to move forward or to maybe start over with another direction.

The background is an empty Little League Baseball field shot with a fisheye lens. I have used this background on a previous composite about a year ago and haven't made a decision to continue on with it. The subject, (Garey) is one I have photographed many times over the last few years and this one was taken prior to the Cincinnati Reds opening day parade. He's also trying to make his way into the acting field while also enters himself in beard competitions world wide. I have added a link to his website if anyone cares to view. At least to see the image I did not receive credit for.

http://gareyfaulkner.com/ The image of Garey sitting on the orange 65 Chrysler is one of my images taken in 2015, with no credit of course, but part of my watermark, the last two letters of my last name are visible in the left lower corner. Although, I have gotten over the disappointment, I'll be cautious to not let it happen again.

Thoughts and or any suggestions for improvements and/or completion of the composite.
What a character! I like what you’ve done with the fish eye for the field, which gives it an entirely different feel that if caught with a normal view lens. You’ve managed to merge him well with the background except for the feet where you have those muddy shadows worked in. I think he can go with less shadowing, it’s a distraction.

I wonder about some ghost players (transparent) in the background, a la Field of Dreams?

I see your “nn” on the photo! Good photo!

Thanks Minnie, I have used that background one other time. Yes, Garey is a character, but I suppose one has to be in order to get anywhere in the acting business.

The feet have been a problem and I'm sure I'll have a solution in order once I stop playing around with other projects. Less shadows may be the needed solution.

I really like your idea of ghost players (transparent) in the background. May be one to work on. I have several (players) in mind to use, but in the mean time I have this one I just completed for trial and era. Not exactly what I was wanting, but I do favor it to some degree.
'PopUp Fantasy Baseball'
'PopUp Fantasy Baseball'

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