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Re: Arachne

Post by St3v3M » Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:14 pm

Charles Haacker wrote:I thought they were all ground dwellers, but it turns out some live in trees. I found this link to a simple rundown for kids. It has just about enough info I think. I also seem to recall that Duck did a series on them for a client. My poor son has a real spider-of-any-kind phobia that I respect, but I am the original the-spider-is-your-friend guy. :D

Crawly things used to bother me, but my son loved them when he was younger so we had fish, salamanders, turtles, anoles, a bearded dragon, a scorpion, and a ball python. I was cool with most of these, but 'Snakie' changed everything with my trust toward them. My son could stick his hand in there while talking to someone else and grab her. When I put my hand in you could see her sizing me up as a meal. There were times she'd be okay, but others she'd stand her ground. It was a love-hate thing but I learned a lot and broke most of my fear of the creepy things with her. Did you know snakes feel like orange peels? And they are curious about everything. What I loved most about all of this was seeing how kids emotions turned from fear to curiosity when he would hold them for them. Some kids had a little fear, but most would want to know more. It was the moms that would freak the most. laf

I guess what I'm trying to say, is that like all things we fear what we don't know, but are curious when someone shows us it's okay. S-
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