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Edit My ShotBasic Rules of the Challenge

See how others view your image. Posted images can be edited by other members.
- A step beyond the normal method of learning by critique, here you can see side by side comparisons of what your image can become.
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Basic Rules of the Challenge

Postby Duck » Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:33 pm

What is "Edit My Shot"?

The basic principle of Edit My Shot is to post a full resolution image so that other members can try their hand at editing that image.

Accessing full-res files

Unfortunately photoMENTORIS can not handle high-res, camera RAW or TIFF files. To provide the source file you will need to have an image hosting site that allows full-res image hosting or a service like Dropbox. Please provide the link to the original RAW/TIFF file in your post.

Why do an "Edit My Shot"?

Sometimes it is difficult for us to step far enough away from our own photos to see what needs fixing. Our skill level also can present a limitation. By offering one of your photos for public editing you will get a first hand experience at the editing possibilities for that image. If you like a particular effect or treatment you can discuss how it was done with the person who did the editing. It is a great way to learn new techniques.

As someone who takes up the challenge of editing another member's photo, you get the chance to work on an image you have no emotional connection to. This allows you to view the image more subjectively. This challenge is also a great way of expanding your editing skills as you can see how others approached the same image.

Please respect other's work

Remember that the original poster is lending the use of their photograph for this particular exercise. Usage rights are limited only to this challenge and are non transferable without any written permission from the original poster. Likewise, the original poster can not claim ownership of someone else's editing work without proper permission. Please respect these simple boundaries.
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