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Street and journalistic photography embrace many disciplines. Post candid shots, street portraits, newsworthy editorials or just the raw nature of the human experience
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Re: Impromptu Street Party

Postby LindaShorey » Thu Oct 12, 2017 5:38 pm

Charles Haacker wrote:Humans is humans...
I have always felt comfortable in the company of gay men, ever since I realized they were a safe haven, so to speak, from the sexism and uber-machismo I experienced my early years in the navy :|

Graham Smith wrote:Hey! Don't bring politics into this! :rofl:

I'm thinking politics are somewhat unavoidable with "human being" photography, since our responses are based on personal experiences and beliefs, if not prejudice. I've even read a rant by someone offended to see a toddler with pierced ears!
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Re: Impromptu Street Party

Postby St3v3M » Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:23 am

LindaShorey wrote:The motion blur emphasizes the feeling of this being a "blink and it's lost" moment. There are interesting details to discover, too: the tipped wine glass on the ground, the tiny dog, the plaid bag. I find myself wanting to know more about these young men's lives. ...

I missed the tiny dog the first time and love the way it's looking at the glass. Street as it's best! S-
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