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Image Processingclaw - rework

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Charles Haacker
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Re: claw - rework

Post by Charles Haacker » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:30 pm

PietFrancke wrote:
Charles Haacker wrote:Nightmarish! :S :o (But who says "Yo mama wears combat boots" any more? Esp. Since there's a lotta mamas that, in fact, do?) :D
yes - it was the biggest insult that I remembered back in grade school in the 60s. You are right, I haven't heard it since then. The monster needed something particularly "stupid" to say - LOL
St3v3M wrote:It would be horrible to be a bug and see that coming. Well done! S-

So the next thing I thought of was (smile if you remember this), "Quick Henry! The FLIT!" :lol:
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