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Image ProcessingBackground eraser

Post-processing: Editing techniques, software, hardware and other resources. Chemical or digital.
From simple corrections to multi-layered edits, actions, tone mapping and more.
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Mentoris Supremus
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Re: Background eraser

Post by minniev »

PietFrancke wrote:
Wed Feb 05, 2020 3:06 am
the type of brush used for the eraser might matter too.. I tried it on a project that I am working on and I failed to take precautions and It cost me five minutes or so of work. The day will come when I gain proper strength in creating and using selections (instead of masks). But for me, I ended up back in my mask world after I realized that the background eraser was getting confused between the subject and the background. One thing for sure, taking the bother to control where edits go and where backgrounds go, etc, is BIG.
There are tricks to help the background eraser learn what the subject it and leave it alone, but since I've only done this one image with it, I'm not one to try and explain. What Frank is suggesting about preserving the background layer is important, to avoid making time consuming messes. I have not tried that yet. My first foray into this tool, inspired by the video, was not something I cared about in the long run, so I knew it would not break my heart if I destroyed the image with it. It works best with a strongly contrasting background but then all the selection tools do. I guess that's why folks use special backdrops and screens to shoot against. Of course I don't have special backdrops I can ask the birds to pose in front of, so that's that.
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Post by St3v3Murray »

minniev wrote:
Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:02 pm
I must confess I've never used the eraser much for removing things. I use selections and masks almost exclusively, partly because I'm a hoarder and don't want to destroy anything while I'm editing in case I need an escape route. But after watching a Brooke Schaden video about it I had to try, since I struggle so with hair and feathers, and the legs of birds. Here's my first effort, simply removing the dam and giving the bird another background. I missed some stuff and had to clean up with the clone tool but that was no big deal. If you use the background eraser I hope you'll tell me what settings you think work best. I will definitely add it to my weapons arsenal. I love creating composites but I don't love the process of extraction, so always looking for better methods.

I did not mask at all, I just let the tool figure out what parts of to remove, after sampling the original background.
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