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Re: Farm Collection

Post by minniev »

uuglypher wrote:
Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:27 pm
For what it’s worth,here’s my take:
Whenever I have thought to make a basically normally conceived and technically adequately produced image “more artsy” my approach has, admittedly, been to start thinking about: “ with which particular premises exercised in my production of that “technically well-produced image” “ should I begin to futz with: dof/sharpness-blur?Hues/saturation/ luminosity: b&w? Relative proportions/distortions? Crops for compositional effects in great variety? Tonal relation / contrast modifications- local or global)? What am I leaving out? I am purposefully leaving out texture overlays and compositing frankly because they rarely it ever occur to me.
I must also admit that if some “artsy” effect wasn’t previsualized before I squeezed the shutter release I’m all at sea if the impulse toward “artsy” comes on me later.
Any thoughts (other than pity for my pitifully benighted state of potential creativity...)????
I always enjoy sharing thoughts on such matters so I read your comments with interest, and confess you have a far more studied approach than I do, and probably more defensible.

Since I am an inveterate tinkerer (my grandmother used to call it “piddling”) I bring that to photography by default. I love well executed photographs, creatively or traditionally captured. I also love a wide variety of creatively edited things that might have at one time been photographs but morphed into something else. And I love to play with my photographs (I never really outgrew play, as my grandsons will attest). The best way I can describe my photography is that I use a camera to gather pixels. I may pre-imagine something I might do with them (such as the tethered sun from Nashville) I may (I did) look at that same picture later and think “what if I...), or I may take an old picture and use all or part of it in something new I’ve dreamed up, like I did with the old growth tree from Canada into which I built a stained glass door from a cemetery in New Orleans before I populated the woods with fairies.

I do believe that a properly taken image provides the best starting place for either end result: traditional photography or creative photo “art”. A bad photo can seldom be rescued with artistic inventiveness, it is still usually a bad photo.
"God gave me photography so that I could pray with my eyes" - Dewitt Jones

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Post by uuglypher »

I hear where you’re coming from, and am looking forward to other responses!


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