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Animals ShowcaseBear hold a particular fasination for me

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Re: Bear hold a particular fasination for me

Post by Bobby Deal »

WesternGuy wrote:Jeff, very nice images. If you want to photograph more bears up close, you might look at some of the trips to places in Alaska like Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. I was there last year photographing grizzlies and it was a fantastic experience. For some reason, they ignore people and simply do their thing. It was great to watch them chomping up the grass in the meadows behind the beach and then digging for clams when the tide went out. At times we were less than 100 yards from them and they simply ignored us.


Hi Western Guy, welcome to photoMentoris it is good to see you here. When I lived in the foot hills of North East Colorado we had several black bears that would come onto our property every fall for the berries. It was always great fun to just sit and watch them and they would often times be 30 yards or less away and would simply ignore us. It was as if they just new there was no threat to them.

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