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Photography DiscussionHas to be in the TOP 10 of photography vids

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Re: Has to be in the TOP 10 of photography vids

Post by JLemmon » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:07 pm

Duck wrote:
Creative content (photos, video, music, paintings, text) are all subject to copyright and it is illegal to use such content without the creator's permission. If a particular content is available, through licensing, to be used you would need to secure that license. You can't just cut and paste it off the internet. That is called stealing and any content creator (you) caught stealing will get a bad rep.

I understand that 100%, I was just uncertain how it worked as squarespace is who I built my website through and it was an image on a template.

Duck wrote:If you are looking to get into photography (and /or videography) and you are looking to promote your abilities then don't use someone else's content, licensed or otherwise. You will be misrepresenting yourself and people hate being lied to, even unintentionally. All images on your website need to be yours, including photographic headers, banners and such.

This was my gut feeling that everything needs to be my work; to the point illustrated, someone may select me for a banner that I didn't create. It just threw me off when the website host has genaric images/videos or even getty images.

Thank you for helping me to slow down and see the big picture.

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Post by Duck » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:01 pm

No problem. I went through a very harsh and brutally honest redesign of my website last year and I came out with a very professional looking site.

On a side note; As for receiving criticism, I fully understand about being attached to your creation but without growth you are only hurting yourself. Don't be afraid to jump in. The water's only cold the first few minutes. :lol:
Perhaps check out this article on How to critique photos first and then offer up some of your opinions to others to get a feel of the process. It may seem less scary after you've participated a bit.
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