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Re: RAAF Roulettes Air Disply

Post by Onslow » Wed May 13, 2015 12:02 am

Ed Shapiro wrote:Nice shots of the formations and good compositions.

Many years ago, I used to do lots of ground to air and air to are photography of airplanes and helicopters. The slow shutter speeds that yield more exciting prop and rotor blur, in some cases, are too slow to freeze the action of the aircraft itself. Much depends on the on the angle of the direction of the motion in relation to the plane of the sensor (used to be the film plane). Other factors are the focal length of the lens and the distance between the camera and the subject. With a 400mm focal length and a fast moving aircraft moving parallel to the focal plane, trying to use a slow shutter speed would be quite the task if not impossible without blurring the entire aircraft or group aircrafts. If you were in the ground and an airplane was taxiing at a 45-degree angle to the focal plane, you might have a chance of freezing the plane and blurring the prop because the prop is traveling at a faster speed that the entire plane and the direction of travel is different.

I wonder if there is a way of blurring propellers and rotors in post production (PhotoShop)? I have seen things like that done with motorsport shots, but I don't know what PhotoShop actions to take. Perhaps someone can chime in on this.


HI Ed, if you have a look at tmy other post in this group of the C-130 on liftoff, you'll see the settings and associated blur on the props. That to me is the ideal amount of blurred prop. These as you say were culled from a number of blurry images. The shutter peed was as low as I could go withing the limits of my technique and ability to track. One thing that did make it awkward though was I had the lens mounted directly on a monopod. Using the lens rotation cuff enabled me to rotate somewaht but changes in elevation were quite difficult. I now have a gimbal and wait for other aircraft to try it out on.
Regarding blurirng in PS, I have yet to see one that gives a natural motion blur effect.

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